Can-Am X3 and X3 Max w/Internal Bypass Shocks
           Complete Re-Spring and Re-Valving Includes:

  • (8) Eibach Springs. Each Spring Rate Front and Rear are Custom for your Car and Driving Style.
  • (4) Internal Bypass Tube Mods.
  • We Weld Original Bypass Holes and Machine new Compression Shim Pads for more Bypass Zones.
  • Additional Compression Bypass Zones for Achieving a Plush Ride and also add more Rebound Bypass Holes
  • Add Front Internal Hydraulic Bump Zone - Enlarge the Bump Zone in Rear to Eliminate Un-Wanted Bottom-Outs
  • Add Shrader Valves for ease of checking Nitrogen Levels.
  • Custom Internal Shaft Spacers to Limit Extended Travel to Decrease the CV Joint Andge and Extend CV Life.
  • Oil and Seals as Necessary